What to prepare for Python’s technical interview?

Whether you are going to apply for a Python Developer role or if you are starting with python to build a new project, there are some crucial concepts of the language which will help you in every step of your progress.

Python is known for simplicity in its syntax and its great range of modules. The opportunities for python developers is vast and there is surprisingly less competition. That is the core reason why I had jumped to this language after spending three years working on Java.

From the countless number of interviews that I attended, I have curated a…

All the questions asked in my interview for a Web Developer role focusing on Python and Django. Backend Engineer | Software Engineer (#1)

Most of the software engineers are intimidated by technical rounds and I have recently started to give interviews. So, this time I am planning to write up all the questions I get asked in my technical rounds. Hoping this will be helpful to some of you to get an idea on what type of questions are being asked. Use this series as a guide to prepare and ace that interview.

Some questions might be specific to Python…

Manisha Naidu

Software Engineer at Intel, zealous coder | keep learning, keep developing!

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